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Short description: This server takes a list of Nimblegen promoter array files and returns the number of genes that are the same among the top 100, 200, ... 10000 genes in all the files. It uses the median values from the promoter array summary files.

This approach provides a strong indication of the reproducibility or overlap in data. Data will be displayed in the browser after processing. For more information go here and click on promoter array category.

Please reference this website if you use this data!

See Squazzo et al. (2006) Genome Research, available here for an example.

1. Specify 1-8 NimbleGen array data files ('.tab' files with summary mean and median data):

2. Optionally enter a short description of these files (we will not read this). It will be sent to you with your results.

3. Optionally enter your e-mail address (this feature is currently disabled):

4. Submit your data:

5. Wait for browser to display results (1-5 minutes).

Important Note on Data Privacy: We will not use your data in any way unless your file generates errors, and you will be informed of this in the rare event that it happens.

To ensure your privacy you may want to rename your files if the file names provide valuable information.